As long as your surface is clean, sealed and sound No priming, No sanding, No stripping is required. It can be applied directly over a varnished or laquered surface. Once dry, it can be easily distressed with a damp cloth- no sanding required. Leaves a velvety smooth time-worn chalky finish. Using a damp cloth instead of sandpaper to distress the surface protects the fine detailing found on furniture.


Once the desired effect is achieved, choose between a wide selection of top coats available in the Cottage Paint line. Choose the one that best suits the kind of usage. Painting with Cottage Paint is Simple, Relaxing and Rewarding.

It's therapeutic!


Furniture Artisan Expo
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furniture artisan expo


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You don’t want that “Vintage Look”, you simply want to paint
your furniture and give it a fresh new look. Cottage Paint now
offers a New Mineral Paint called “Serenity”
Simply prep, then paint, no top-coat required.


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You don’t want the shabby chic look, but prefer a RUSTIC URBAN look. Urban Paint offers a New Hybrid Emulsion Metallic Paint. Simply prep, then paint, no top-coat required. Your friends will ask,“How did you do that?” Also try our Urban Suede product to create a completely different look. Venture over to the Urban Paint site to find
out how.




View the attached video for a basic application of Cottage Paint.

For other techniques and information, view the following links for more videos using Cottage Paint products.


7 Things to consider when choosing furniture


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HOW to prepare your furniture before you paint

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HOW to choose the colour

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Cottage Paint and more.

DOES it matter which tools I use?

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13 suggestions on how to achieve a professional look. It's easy when you know how.

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WHAT else can I do to make my furniture unique and special? Now the fun begins!


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How to choose the best topcoat for your furniture.


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Visit our Gallery to see what others have done with Cottage Paint.




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HOW do I find a class?
WHO do I get to paint my furniture?
WHERE do I buy furniture to paint?



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