Available in 8oz jars
or quarts


It cracks so easy with our

clay-based paint


Easy Crackle

They say “It’s like watching paint dry” well you won’t want to miss this! It doesn’t matter how many times you do it the response is always the same....WOW!

Produces a cracked effect for either an authentic aged look or for fun using contrasting colors.

Apply a coat of crackle with a brush on top of a surface painted with Cottage Paint. Allow to dry.

How you apply the crackle and the paint will effect what type of cracks develop.

A slightly thicker application of crackle will produce larger cracks.

A slightly thinner application of crackle will produce -smaller cracks.

Once dry, you may apply the paint. Don’t fuss, just get it on. After all, it is a cracked surface you are creating. Once it starts to crack, time is up. Do not brush it any more.

A slightly thicker application of paint will produce larger cracks.

A slightly thinner application of paint will produce smaller cracks.

If you want larger cracks, try adding a little bit of water to the paint.

Don’t miss the fun part, watch it crack as it dries. Once dry, add a clear coat of Acrylic Wax on the surface.


Available in 8oz jars
or quart cans.

Texture Paste


Looking to create something different , then this is the  product for you!



Used to create many different textures on table tops or drawer fronts. Available in black and white. Can create textured stencils, wood grain, leather and reptile patterns plus other imprinted patterns. Then apply paint, glazes or metallic waxes to emphasize the pattern you have created. Some techniques are very easy and others may need a little practice.

Colour Selection

Available in 8oz jars and quarts

Antique Glaze


Tired of rubbing and rubbing that wax finish  but want a vintage look, try adding glaze!
Simply wipe or brush it on.


Used to age the surface and accent ornate detailing on furniture. This glaze also allows you to play with paint colors. Adding the Midnight Glaze on top of Crimson Red makes the red richer and emphasizes the grain in the wood. Generously apply with a brush or damp sponge. Then remove with a clean brush or damp sponge to achieve the desired effect. This product will offer a protective coating for causal use. Available in 6 colors Asphalt, Midnight, Umber, Molasses, Redwood, and Mahogany.



Available in 8oz jars
or quart cans.

Easy Glaze

Can’t find the right color glaze.
It’s so easy to make your own!

Use this clear glaze to create any custom color by adding a small amount of paint at a ratio of 4:1.

This product should be clear coated for additional protection when needed.

It can also be used as an extender. When added to Cottage Paint, it will slow the dry time and allow more working time but it reduces the ability to distress the finish with a damp cloth and may require sanding to do so.

Available in 8oz jug


Transfer Oil


Can’t draw but would like to add an artistic image to your furniture project. 
Here’s a solution, print it from your computer and transfer it!
Used to transfer black images printed from a black carbon laser printer, on to regular quality paper. Will not work on a image printed from a colored laser printer or an ink jet printer. Reverse the image prior to printing if it has any text.
Apply the Transfer Oil on to the backside of the image with a small brush. Tape the image to the surface and rub hard with the back of a spoon. Remove image and allow to dry.  You can transfer on to varnished, painted surfaces as well as smooth fabrics.

Available in 8oz jar



Transfer Gel

You can also transfer colored images if black and white wasn’t enough fun!


Can be used to transfer colored laser images on to various surfaces such as a painted surface or fabric.

Cut the image out as close to the edge as possible. On a scrap piece of paper lie the image ink side up. Using a brush, liberally apply the Gel on the ink side of the image. Lift the image from the paper and place it face down on to the surface you wish to transfer to. Smooth the image with your finger tips and allow to thoroughly dry.  Once dry, wet with water and rub the paper until it balls and crumbles away leaving the image embedded in the gel.

Available in 8oz jars

Adhesive Medium
Have an  unsightly surface like a damaged  veneer and you don’t know how to fix it.
Here's a artistic solution anyone can do!

Adheres fabrics and paper to table tops, drawer fronts or as a drawer liner.
Paint with Cottage Paint. Cut fabric slightly larger than the area it is being applied to. Apply the adhesive with a brush or spatula on to the surface and on to the back of the fabric to be applied.  Lay the fabric onto the surface and smooth with the palm of you hand. Allow it to dry then trim the unwanted edge with a sharp blade.

Available in 8oz jars



Stencil Peel
Try a reverse stencil and reveal the wood finish below!

1. Place stencil on previously well varnished surface.
2. Trowel Stencil Peel over stencil  approximately 2x thicker than the stencil.  
3. Remove stencil and allow to dry until clear(1-2 hours depending on temperature and humidity).
4. Once dry, paint over stencil with desired distressed finish using cottage paint. Allow to dry. (approx 45-60 minutes)
5. Peel away stencil pieces using a small sharp knife to help lift the rubbery pieces away and expose the original wood grain. Apply clear sealer over entire surface.


Looks amazing if you are balancing the wood revealed in the stencil with more exposed wood elsewhere on the furniture piece like the skirt and the legs.

available in 8oz jars


     1. Clean
     2. Paint black
     3. Apply Gold metallic wax
     4. Paint Narvik Blue and distress
         to reveal the metallic
     5. Clear coat



Oh so many uses!
A touch here and a touch there instantly adds Elegance or an Urban appeal to any project.  Go ahead and give it a go.

Used as a decorative coating to create a metallic appearance.
Apply multiple coats with a waxing brush or damp sponge.
Dries very fast.  Does not need to be clear coated but if one so desires use a Satin or Gloss finish.

Available in 8oz jars quarts and gallons


Diamond Dust
Adds an delicate effect to any surface.
The  tiny silver sparkle is suspended in a water based clear low lustre medium. Can be brushed or rolled on to a previously painted surface, including furniture, cabinets and walls. 

Available in 8 oz jars


Glitz’n Glitter
Adds elegance and class to a piece of furniture that is lacking in character.
Can be applied many different ways including through stencils or taped off shapes. The tiny glass beads will adhere to even glass for a elegant addition to any window or cabinet glass door.  If you can locate it so that the sun shines on it is simply stunning. Like thousands of tiny sparkling crystals.
Apply with a small spatula to a one bead thickness and allowed it to dry overnight.


Available in 8oz jars
and gallons



Rock’n Rhinestones
Adds some SASS to your past.
This Bling product will definitely command attention in any room.  It can be applied many different ways including through stencils or taping off shapes. The large silver glitter will add a definite WOW factor to any piece of furniture, walls and fabric. Easy to apply with a small spatula  and should be allowed it to dry overnight.

Available in 8oz tub
with applicator sponge

White Liming Wax
One use will leave you in love with this all-natural product and a new understanding as to why people put up with the constant maintenance.
Adds a soften appearance and feel to any  porous painted surface.  Can also be used to soften , fill in and highlight wood grain.
Apply  with a wax brush or damp sponge.  Wait for it to lose its’ shine then buff with a soft cloth.
This is an environmentally friendly product that is  made from beeswax and should not be painted over.  Used as a finishing coat.



Environmentally Friendly


Available in 4oz jars




Metallic Gilding Wax
Makeup for your Furniture.
 Add a little bit of glitter to finish off your project.
Used to highlight ornate detailing on your furniture piece with Gold or Sliver. Or it can be applied over the entire surface to give a soft sparkling effect.
Apply  with a small brush, finger tips or damp sponge. This is an environmentally friendly product that is made from all natural beeswax . This product should not be painted over. 



Environmentally Friendly



Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard and Dry Erase Paint.

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