How do I find a class?



There are a number of retailers that hold classes to teach different uses of Cottage Paint. From basic to advanced, specialty classes on certain products, paint your own furniture or the making of signs and clocks. These classes are becoming more popular so check them out and get signed up. There are some schedules listed under classes OR go to the retailer list and look and see who organizes classes closest to you. You may visit their websites or contact them directly to get signed up and have fun learning something new.

Who do I get to paint my furniture?



Don’t want to paint yourself and would prefer someone else paint your furniture? This service is offered by many retailers and users. Although we would like to think anyone offering such a service would do a good job we can not be held responsible for the quality of services. So do your homework, go to their shop and check out the quality of their work and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and understand the costs involved. Remember you are paying for their experience and talents that have taken years to develop. Make sure the piece is worth it. Sometimes a piece of furniture has tremendous sentimental value and is therefore worth doing right. The prices may vary. Some will charge by the hour and some will charge by the job. It will also vary depending on the furniture piece. For example chairs with lots of spindles are very hard to paint and are time consuming. Another factor to affect the price is the talent required for the application you are seeking. More difficult applications will obviously cost more. Indicated on the retailer list are those who offer custom furniture painting services.

Where do I buy painted and unpainted furniture?



Many stores also sell painted or unpainted pieces of furniture. These pieces are often found for sale or on their websites and Facebook. This service is also indicated on the retailer listing found in your area. There are some wonderful painted pieces of furniture to be had, so don’t wait, they will go quickly.



Easy Half-Day Concrete and Stone Finishes

The class will take place at our surfaces showroom facility at 21 Belvia Rd Etobicoke South
The material used is drawn from our range of Acrylic Venetian plasters and created on Styrene boards 24 x 16 inches in size.
The course starts at 9 am and finishes at 1pm we will lend out tools to create these 3 finishes
The first will be a smooth concrete with an over-glaze to simulate the look in grey tones
The second will be a coarse rendering that has metallic aspects and a dramatic overall look
The third is a suede that has mat aspects of mica giving it a great movement all in one application


The fee for this course is $150.00 CAD Please reserve by email to or phone 1 800 773 5233 local 416 410 4322 in both cases extension 2

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