When Randall Rogers says "paint runs in my veins", he really means it because he is a third generation paint maker. Protek Paint & Varnish Company was started in 1950 by his grandfather, Ed Rogers at age 47. With a family to support and many years as a Varnish maker, Ed not only started to make paint, but the resins used in the paint as well. He set out to sell to paint manufacturers, retailers, retail customers and contractors alike.

William Rogers, was only 9 years old when his father started the business. During his teens he had no choice but to take a year off high school to run the business when his father took ill. The work was physically hard and long hours were required to keep the business afloat. After 10 years, they expanded the business into an additional building, located across the street from the founding location. The paints were manufactured during the week and delivered across southern Ontario on weekends.

Word of mouth, was the only source of advertisement and it was very important to create glowing reviews from those that used the paint. Quality and knowledgeable service was key in keeping the business growing and Protek was committed to making only the best of paints for it's loyal clientele.


The 1970's the third generation, Randall in his pre-teens, started helping out after school, on weekends and during the summer.  He was always introduced by his grandfather as the next President of Protek Paint.

While going to Ryerson University during the 1980's Randall met his future wife, Gail.  Soon afterward, Gail joined the business and the Rogers' family.  Working together, the business continued to expand and Randall officially took over the family in business in 1990. Being productivity minded, he quickly expanded his family with Gail to include three boys within

three years.

Possible 4th Generation?  Kyle, Brandon and Dylan Rogers

The Rogers hold a deep-felt belief that developing and manufacturing quality products plays an important roll in creating a healthy stable. They are proud to contribute in any way possible. As time past, Randall and Gail purchased a number of companies including Texturline; introducing fine finishing products to the Protek Family. Barry Affleck, the previous owner, came aboard and brought his years of experience, knowledge of application, and product creativity. He and Protek’s chemist have been instrumental in the formulation and development of the complete Cottage Paint Product line.

In 2012, Cottage Paint was born and as the nest at home began to empty, Gail’s time freed up and allowed her to start nurturing her newest baby “Cottage Paint”. She believes it is the most exciting product to hit the paint industry in the last 28 years. “I love this Cottage Paint and how it makes people so excited about what a coat of paint can do. The people I deal with are so friendly and eager to learn. It is a pleasure to come to work everyday and be apart of this evolving product”

It would be a mistake not to thank those that contributed each and every day to the success of Cottage Paint.

Our chemists who improve and perfect the quality of our products.

Our production team who are instrumental in ensuring quality products.

Our order, packaging and shipping team who work hard to ensure your orders are correct and arrive safely to your door.

Our office staff who tidy up all the loose ends and makes sure

everything runs smoothly.

Our sales team who help to spread the word and support our retailers

Manuel Cerqueira

Linda Lock

Patricia Reid

Our retailers who provide knowledgeable service to you, the user of Cottage Paint

But most of all, we would all like to thank you for choosing Cottage Paint! Thank you from all of us!

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